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Odanodan: Acheron Arc Episode 13 - SQ: The Perch

Welcome back! Rico couldn't make the recording this time so we are doing a SIDE QUEST! Lux pops back in after we all pass out and go to a celestial realm where there is a bar or resturant or something called The Perch. We learn more about Neith and Ari makes his first pull from the Deck of Many Things! What will happen? Tune in and find out!


BONUS: PR and Pre-edit recap

Here we have basically a full on episode. We talked about some random stuff and also discussed what we should do for our side quest since Rico couldn't make this session. We really just ramble along, but you people love it. Also, at the end I tacked on the pre-edit version of the Jenna Tull Journal, because there was a joke about her saying "um" and those all got cut in the edit. So enjoy the unedited cut.


Odanodan: Acheron Arc Episode 12 - Karl

Welcome back! After last episode where the gang had fun shopping, this time a whole bunch of story happens. It's a wild ride where we find out a little about Neith, a little about the five idiots in this town who have decided to help the party for some reason, and a little about ourselves. Someone makes the ultimate sacrifice. Oh we find out why Karl is glowing blue.Give it a listen!